Buy a Mask, Support Live Music

Friends: Maybe you wear a mask because of a local mandate, maybe it’s just your personal choice, but this winter, no matter where you live, everybody will need to have a mask on hand. More than one, if you’re doing it right.

On a different note, so to speak: the pandemic has really hit the live entertainment industry incredibly hard. Venues are starting to permanently shutter. Promoters are pivoting. Even the large corporations are laying off their workforce. I’ve always appreciated Rocks Off NYC for what they do for our live music scene and more than one friend of mine has had their mind blown on a Rocks Off boat cruise, dancing in pure joy to live music while the boat circles Manhattan, experiencing transcendent moments with friends old and new, disembarking later that night a happier person.

I miss that kind of thing so much and I’m sure you do too. To stay afloat (dig the pun) during the live music shutdown, Rocks Off has opened an online mask store. I can support that, as — regardless of your personal preference — widespread use of masks will absolutely impact how fast we are able to safely return to the live stage. And that’s a cause I hope we can all get behind, regardless of other divides.

So, with all that in mind, I’m proudly announcing and revealing the Billy & the Kids mask collection at “Rocks Off Threads” online store. Three designs: the classic logo for you classic folk, the band portrait for ye of great posterity, and the psychedelic “Drums -> Space” shot (captured by Dave Vann) for those who know, love and miss those kinds of moments. 

It is important to keep in mind that these masks are what I refer to as “outdoor masks.” They are form-fitting, double-layer cloth masks and do not come with filter pockets — you can easily insert one on the inside between your mask and your face if you want that extra layer, for situations that warrant it. But these feature easy breathability and are meant for more casual, low-risk uses, like curbside pickups, mailbox missions, walkabouts and all forms of stargazing. They are also great for making you look like a badass when dropping off your ballot.

“And they make great gifts” – my first thought when I saw the full Rocks Off line.

Please remain calm during these next few weeks and don’t forget to listen to Jerry. It helps.

Much love,

PS: A portion of all proceeds will be donated to MedShare.